Victoria aster - for prolonged consumer pleasure

Danish aster producers launched in 2000 a totally new series of Aster novi-belgii. The Victoria series is the result of thorough breeding, based among other things, on the well-known Viking range. So the series is not only generically new, but also features new varieties with several, improved qualities that are sure to be a source of great pleasure to the consumer:

Victoria aster is long-lasting. Keeping quality tests carried out at the Research Centre Aarslev, the Danish Institute of Agricultural Scinces, Department of Horticulture, indicate a keeping quality of 35 days as opposed to 21-25 days for the Viking varieties = greater consumer pleasure and reduced waste in trade.

Victoria aster has full flowers in several well-known colours from white to pink, rose, dark rose, pale blue, purple and purple-rose.


Victoria aster requires much light and should therefore be placed in a bright position. Victoria aster is suited for being planted outdoors, but will also do fine indoors. Water and feed the plants regularly. Aster is hardy and healthy plant, but it does not tolerate drying out.